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Why am I always broke?

120 min class Live

August 30th and 31st

7 pm to 9 pm est

Have you worked in the Sex industry?

Do you have a hard time getting a “regular job”?

Do you have a hard time adjusting to “normal”?

Do you have a hard time keeping your money?

Are you always broke?

Are you tired of the cycle?


Join us for a conversation with a Survivor of Sex Trafficked victim and Sex Trade and listen to some lessons she learned and how she was able to turn her Mindset around Money.


Free Course

Register before July 30th

Live event

Zoom event

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Suggested audience:  Any age group, gender, culture, LGBTQ+ are welcome!


Speaker: Timea E Nagy.


PART 1 - Suggested for survivors who have left the Sex Trade and The Game

Topics will be covered:

  • Why am I always broke?

  • My money mindset

  • How do I change it?

PART 2 - Suggested for survivors who are out but don’t know how to start rebuilding their lives.

Topics will be covered:

  • How do I set up life goals?

  • Financial class and how to move forward.

  • Budgeting & groceries

  • How to stop being broke?

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