Who we are?

We are Survivors, mothers, fathers, bankers, social workers, and most importantly we are individuals who want to do more. We care about you and we want to be apart of your journey. 5 min or 40 min, one time or for a lifetime, but we would like to walk with you on your healing journey if you allow us.
               Our volunteers come from all walks of life!
Canadian and American Survivors/Advocates,
School Counselors, Probation Officers, Counselors, Former Victim Service Front line agents,
Business Professionals, Community Church leaders.

You are not alone!

Let's chat!

We care!

We care
You are not
Lets chat

Participating Sectors

The Financial Industry, Hotel and Traveling Industry, Private Corporations, Small businesses, Business owners, Female entrepreneurs, Successful artists,
Nutritionists, Karate teachers, Yoga teachers, Motivational and Inspirational Speakers, Survivor Advocates, and more.
Every Single Mentor has to go through an extensive background check to be able to participate!
Your safety and privacy is our #1 Priority!

YOU WANT TO BE and Instructor of a Mentor?

We would LOVE to hear from you!

Training is available!

We are launching soon!

If you are a Survivor and want a mentor, please visit us again at the end of September.

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